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Road trip tape

Road Trip Tape (3-Rolls Combo)

Road Trip Tape (3-Rolls Combo)

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 Water Resistant
– Safe for paint
– Made clear to use on head lights
– Protects paint from rock chips, and bug splatter.

*Extra Strength – Developed specifically for vehicles that have a vinyl wrap, liquid Dip,  recently waxed. Extra Strength has more water based adhesive to grab better but still be safe on your vehicle. (Not recommended for vehicles with existing rock chips, loose paint, or repainted panels).


  1. Wipe down car with rtt application spray
  2. In a dry environment, apply tape 1/8″ in from all edges with Road Trip Tape squeegee (do not fold 90 degrees) / (Try not to overlay)
  3. Enjoy the drive.
  4. Wait until the car has cooled down before removing tape. (Try removing at night-time if possible)
  5. Enjoy a clean, rock and chip-free car!


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Tape is Clear

Proctect your Car from road Debris, bugs and paint.